News 02/21/2017

Minister Kuburovic lays foundation stone in the construction of a new building of the misdemeanour court in Pancevo

Today, Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic laid the foundation stone in the construction of a new building of the Misdemeanour Court in Pancevo, which, once completed, will provide the Court with adequate new business premises. Kuburovic noted that the Ministry of Justice had been focusing on the improvement of infrastructural capacities of the courts and that the Misdemeanour Court in Pancevo had been operating in inadequate working conditions as the offices of approximately 200 square meters in a residential building were accommodating 17 judges and 45 staff members. She stressed that the new building, to extend across 900 square meters, would be constructed by the end of the year.

The Justice Minister said that approximately 95 million dinars had been allocated for the construction of the new facility from the State Budget, with the Misdemeanour Court in Pancevo practically having had secured those funds through the collection of fines in 2016. Kuburovic explained that the total collection of fines by all the misdemeanour courts in Serbia during the previous year had amounted to 4.6 billion dinars, which was one of the reasons the Ministry had been particularly attentive to those courts and their capacity building.

She also stated that the construction works on the new buildings of misdemeanour courts in Uzice and Pozarevac would soon finalise, as well as that the Ministry - by way of amendments to the Misdemeanours Act - would aim towards future improvement of those courts’ capacities and ensure a higher volume of closed cases.

The construction commencement [ceremony] was also attended by the Appellate Misdemeanour Court President Zoran Pasalic, the President of the Misdemeanour Court in Pancevo Ljiljana Kostic and the Pancevo Mayor Sasa Pavlov.

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