News 02/22/2017

Minister Kuburovic and Vesna Stanojevic discussed the application of the new Domestic Violence Protection Act

Today, Minister of Justice Nela Kuburovic and Coordinator of the Council House Against Domestic Violence Vesna Stanojevic met and discussed the application of the new Domestic Violence Protection Act, which is expected to begin on 1 June 2017. Stanojevic stressed that the Council House representatives had vast experience and knowledge which would prove useful to anyone applying the new Domestic Violence Protection Act. Minister Kuburovic noted how greatly important it would be that all the necessary conditions for an effective implementation of the new statute were being satisfied from its beginning which, inter alia, implied a specialisation of judges, prosecutors and the police who would be applying the new statutory provisions directly.

She added that the training for trainers of judges and prosecutors had been completed and that another training for over 400 holders of judicial office had commenced. Considering that the non-governmental sector had the most experience in dealing with victims of domestic violence, Minister Kuburovic pointed out that the third phase of the training would come in a form of workshops on a local self-government level which would involve non-governmental organisations and associations, such as the Council House. This way – she explained -, all the experiences and the knowledge of those [working] in the civil sector will have also been shared with all the stakeholders who will be acting pursuant to the new Act.

Kuburovic and Stanojevic agreed that the public had high expectations of the Domestic Violence Protection Act - which the National Assembly of Serbia had adopted in November 2016 – as it introduced new measures for the fight against domestic violence.

Minister Kuburovic noted that, despite the different forms of support available to women who had been victims of domestic violence, Serbia was anticipating the adopted of the Free Legal Aid Act which would additionally ensure access to justice for victims who need it the most.