News 02/08/2017

Achieving a more effective application of the law by training prosecutors and judges

Today, Minister of Justice Nela Kuburovic stated that in the upcoming four months, the period remaining until the enforcement of the new Domestic Violence Prevention Act, training would be given to over 400 judges and prosecutors on whom it would greatly depend how the Act’s objectives would be met. “We have great expectations of this Act, as does the Serbian Government which wishes to demonstrate with this legislation that it has a zero-tolerance for violence and that it supports the victims of domestic violence. I hope that in one year from now we would be able to say that the number of victims of domestic violence has reduced”, Kuburovic said in the Preventing Domestic Violence seminar which marked the beginning of training of judges and prosecutors on the application of the Act.

Kuburovic recalled that the Domestic Violence Prevention Act had been adopted in November 2016 and that its enforcement was due on 1 June 2017, by which time judges, prosecutors and police officers would be undergoing specialised training – all towards an effective enforcement of the new legislative solutions which ought to contribute to the reduction of the black statistics. She noted that in addition to the mandatory specialised training, the Act prescribed a series of new measures and legal mechanisms which ought to be preventative and prevent violence. She explained that those were primarily urgent measures: removing the abuser from the household and restraining orders.

Kuburovic added that the most significant part of the statute was the mandatory inter-departmental cooperation between various authorities: principally, the judges, the offices of the prosecutors and the police, but also social welfare centres, health and educational institutions. She referred to the Ministry using its campaign and website Eliminate Violence to involve the public and the professional community, for the purpose of illuminating the manifestations of violence which ought to be responded to and eliminated.

The training of judges and prosecutors will be conducted by the Judicial Academy with the support of the European Union. The project for the improvement of trainings at the Judicial Academy has been implemented by the British Council.

Free video material can be downloaded from this website